THE END of the story…

College, College, College! Simply the word is capable of evoking a mood, creating a youthful colourful vibe. It gives a sense that something, something big is about to happen. Life is about to take a new road and all is going to change.

However embedded within the sweet excitement, in the middle of butterflies is Fear, fear of feeling lost in a crowd, the fear of rejection, fear of not being able to be oneself. Independence is a bittersweet term, finally you are on your own but now no matter what happens, what life gives you or takes from you, YOU SHALL BE ON YOUR OWN. You solely are responsible for it was your decision, your choice.


Hey that’s like an important day. It’s like the first day of school, really and I am scared except ma pa are not around.

So I joined college after a week from opening day, thanks to the medical entrance examination in which I knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I had no idea where my classroom was or where was I supposed to go. Most literally and metaphorically, I was lost. Thank God one  administration man gave me my schedule. I realised that I was two hours early for the lecture.

After loitering and staggering in the hot afternoon when I finally entered the classroom, the teacher yelled at me for being so negligient. She told that the class had finished the story and was about to discuss the questions. Thus there was no point in me attending the lecture as I didn’t even have the text. Like a retired general, I walked back to the tree where I had been sitting.

I had come to study literature after a PCB with biotech and the inspiration received from the first day did wonders to my confidence. In that moment, that day I felt deceived, the pangs of independence, the plight of freedom, the crafty truth of taking chances and following your heart.

However life was better from the second day itself, I had acquired the text and a new story had just begun in the class.


3 thoughts on “THE END of the story…

  1. This is beautiful Alvira! The first part is so relatable and as for the second part- you have come a long way since that bad first day. You’re the only one to steal the spotlight of the very teacher who yelled at you. Kudos!

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